The government and private sector power players are engaged in a game of brinkmanship. Who’ll blink first? ByNeerajThakur N 25 SEPTEMBER 2013, as many as nine companies bought the request for qualification (RFQ) documentfor the Bhedabahal ultra mega power project (UMPP) in Orissa Apart from government-owned NHPC and NTPC, the other interested parties were Tata […]

‘Maks m J..U.J Calls For Innovation’

Bavaria Synonymous with Excellence and Innovation Bavaria, the largest state of Germany with Munich as its capital is Germany’s strongest and fastest growing economy with GDP of488 billion Euros. A great number of reputed international companies like BMW, Siemens, Audi, Allianz, Infineon, Puma AG, Adidas AG, Infineon, MAN and many small &medium sized companies are […]

Strengthening economic relations

Indo-German relations date back to centuries but in recent years the two countries have made concentrated efforts to further strengthen relations. The leaders of both the nations have made concerted efforts to improve relations in the sphere of political, economic, defense, educational, cultural and other fields. Today leading companies of Germany are playing a vital […]

Eine Reise zum Erfolg und Engagement

  Die Sona Unternehmensgruppe ist ein Unternehmen, das Komponenten fur die Automobilindustrie an strategischen Standortenanbietet. Mit der Herstellung von Autokomponenten liefert das Unternehmen hiermitfur Personenkraftwagen, Nutzfahrzeuge und leichte Nutzfahrzeuge. Aus einer Jewelierfamilie stammend nahm Herr Kapur, der Grundungsvorsitzende, einen groRen Sprung nach vorne, indem er einen neuen Weg anders als seine Abstammungslinie wagte und grundete […]